After many many redesigns and starting again over and over, I've finally launched a new version of my website. A simple yet clean design with ease of use as the main focus. Rather than use an off the shelf framework or CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc I decided to create my own content management system.

This is a custom built content management system written in PHP.

Current features

  • Fully responsive default theme
  • Use of microdata for posts and pages
  • Auto generated ATOM feed for posts
  • .htaccess clean URLs and redirects
  • PRISM.js integration for syntax highlighting
  • FontAwesome for custom icons
  • Auto generated XML sitemap
  • Correctly encoded UTC ISO 8601 format for all timestamps
  • Quick recently posted and recently edited listings in admin section
  • Hooks into awstats raw data for displaying statistics on the admin homepage
    • Comparison of todays visits vs yesterdays
    • Total unique visitors for the month
    • Total visits for the month
    • Total pages for the month
    • Total hits for the month
    • Total badnwidth for the month
  • Display of technical information about current operating environment
    • OS Version
    • File systems (size, used, available, use% mountpoint)
    • Load average & uptime
    • CPU information (type, model name, vendor ID)
    • Memory info (used, free, shared, buffers, cached)
    • Network statistics
  • Add/Edit/Delete standard pages
  • Add/Edit/Delete posts
  • Add/Edit/Delete code samples (Can be used in either page/post via a shortcode to display a syntax highlighted code sample)
  • File upload/delete
  • Create/edit/delete functions protected by a second level authentication method
  • A no holds barred editor, PHP can be written directly into the page
  • Emergency editor able to edit the CMS iteself from within the CMS
  • Automated time configurable backups of files and database

I am wanting to add the Ace code editor for all of the editing boxes but haven't got around to incorporating this yet.